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The Splintered Mirror

This is the dream that compelled me to write this story about the Broken Goddess

In the dream, I am standing in a strange hotel room. There is an unknown woman sleeping peacefully on the bed. I wonder who she is, but for some reason I don't look directly at her. Instead I look at her reflection in the mirror on the wall. But the mirror is splintered so I am unable to make out her face. The entire dream consists of me trying harder and harder to see her face in the mirror but not succeeding.

A mirror is common symbolism for consciousness or more precisely the threshold between the conscious and unconscious minds. A splintered mirror would mean a fragmented consciousness that results from delegating pieces of one's wholeness to people, places and things via projection. And if one does that, it becomes more and more difficult to connect to the inner woman, because it is not her you are looking at anymore.One would have to reclaim as many of the pieces as possible and arrange each one in its proper place so that her reflection becomes clear.

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