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The Broken Goddess

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Once there was a boy with the statue of a goddess. He loved her and it made him happy to have her with him.

The statue broke and shattered into a thousand pieces and scatttered all over the earth. But one fragment lodged in the boy's heart and remained there.So in every breath and heartbeat, he continued to feel her presence. But as he grew older, the boy forgot about the statue of the goddess that he once had.

The boy grew into a man. He got a job, found a partner and had children. But he was a sad man. His wife, his parents and his friends would ask him "Why are you a sad man? Don't you have everything? Don't you realize how blessed you are?" But he couldn't answer them. For neither he nor they knew about the fragment that was lodged in his heart.

As he grew older, the man started remembering. He remembered that he had a statue and that it broke. He wanted Her back. All he could do now was to wander around the world searching for her fragments. Sometimes he would find pieces that turned out to be nothing at all. Sometimes he would find a piece that he believed was Her, but it would turn out to be false. And sometimes he would find a piece that truly belonged to Her and for a short while he would not be sad.

But he still couldn't recollect Her face. No matter how much he tried to remember, no matter how many fragments he found and out together, her face remained incomplete.

He will never see Her again. There arent enough days in a human life to put Her back togerher. All he can do is wander the earth finding as many fragments as he can. And even if he finds most of them, She will still not be complete because one fragment is still lodged in his heart.

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