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Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Someone says to you "Look at this picture. Do you see the old woman?"

You look carefully. You look because you believe in the person who told you, not, because you believe that there is an old woman in the picture. But you don't see her at first. You look again. And then you suddenly see her.

Wasn't this image of her always there even before you looked? Something came into alignment between you and the picture that made you see her for the first time. There would have been others who have seen her even before you did, even before you could. And there would be those who couldn't, or didn't look at all.

Maybe you don't see her again next time you look. Does this mean she has stopped to exist? You just don't see any more. But now you will look more carefully until you see her again because you have seen her once and you know that she can be found.

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